Friday, 8 April 2016

Saree Inventions in South India

Believe of silk sarees and South India always come to mind. The South Indian bride prefers to wear the standard silk saree. With changing times, styles in sarees are also transforming. Retailers in South India are famous because of their inventions in sarees. This short article tries to throw light on the most recent inventions in the temple and silk region of South India.

A few of the major innovations in silk sarees by South Indian retailers are described below. All the inventions that are saree are by Sri Kumaran Silks in Chennai.

The saree-top combo

Sri Kumaran Silks has established the style of a saree-top blend, which is famous as 'Jodi Pattu'. Sarees have been designed by them having a matching top bit, which can be meant for the woman's husband. Both the top along with the saree are constructed with pure handloom silk. The saree has coordinated embroidery and a lovely embroidered pallu is completed on the top bit also.

The colour-shifting saree

Sri Kumaran Silks has additionally develop the style of a silk saree that alters colour. colour of the saree shifts when the wearer of the saree moves from her home,. The retailer maintains that this can be the first ever colour-shifting saree to be developed on the planet.

RMKV has produced the Durbar Krishna saree. This picture is considered to bring good luck.

They've designed a saree with four distinct but identical pallus. The wearer of the saree attach another and can readily detach one pallu. This saree is called Zip-n-wear saree.

That is another revolutionary theory by Sri Kumaran Silks. This saree features a pocket, which could carry other small things along with a mobile phone.

Sri Kumaran Silks has additionally developed a brand new kind of saree. This saree is made from pure silk as well as the look of a rural landscape is woven in the pallu.

Sri Kumaran Silks have designed the denim saree. This is a pure silk saree that gives the appearance of denim, in once keeping the soft feel of silk.

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